Rewards-Based Advertising | Versus Systems

Drive High Conversion with Rewards-Based Advertising Inside Apps, Games, Streaming Content, and Live Events.

Improve Conversion

With Versus' Proprietary engagement marketing platform, users play to win rewards and prizes. Engaged users means happy users and advertisers.

Engage Your Audience​

With the Versus Ad Platform you can engage your audience in a new way. Why not make ads more effective across every kind of content from apps and streaming to live sporting events and concerts.

Create, Measure, and Optimize Campaigns

Easy to set up, target your unique audience, and track campaign performance to identify valuable consumer insights.

Audiences See More, Click More, Buy More

Our digital and mobile advertising platform enables ad publishers to create highly personalized and customized ads that have higher odds of engaging your audience.

  • Tap Into Gaming

    Branded rewards inside millions of HP devices enable players to win real prizes just for completing challenges inside games like Fortnite, Minecraft and League of Legends.
  • Reach Streaming and Live Event Audiences

    Second screen experiences during live events offer you the chance to reach highly-engaged audiences with your brand and products.
  • Serve Rewards in Mobile Apps

    Players complete challenges inside games, apps, or in streaming media to win your branded prize. Audiences can play everything from trivia and predictive games, to casual mobile, and hardcore PC games.

Maximize Your Impact with Access to Ad Inventory Across a Wide Variety of Content

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