Rewarded Fan

We make game day more fun for 
your fans and more valuable for
your partners.

Leverage VS’ XEO platform with your teams/schools’ markets to enhance their experience, leading up to and on the day of the big game, while providing greater value to your Bowl partners and organization.

Our Mobile Web Platform Provides

On Demand

Exposure to fans around trivia, arcade games, etc. with rewards and more!

Game Day

Game day cards promoting specific products, services and locations to fans in venue and on the go!

Customer Analytics,
Conversion to Sales

Fans register and want to earn/win, increasing engagement with your partners!

At Your Game

Around Your City

On The Go


Minutes on Average
per Session


of Winners Redeem

Build Your Content Package Today

Innovate With

Custom Packages for Your Partners Featuring

• Rewards Inventory

• Display Inventory

• Video Inventory

• Official Sponsor Section

• Social Wall

• Arcade Games

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