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Create a more dynamic show with Filter Fan Cam

Live fan filters that light up your video board during sports, concerts & events.

"We added Filter Fan Cam to our video board content in 2018 and it's been a hit with our fans ever since. We've done custom helmets, shoulder pads, basketballs we've thrown some crazy ideas at Versus Systems' design team, and they've always answered the call."

-Mike Bilbow, Assistant Athletic Director, University of Georgia

Filter Fan Cam Updates

New Features

– Soft Body Physics System

– 2.5D Parallax Filters with Customizable Animations

– Emoji Filter Set

– Advanced Camera Driver (provides more client control over input)

User Interface

– Cleaner Interface

– More Intuitive User Flow

– Addition of a Favorites Category


– Improved Quality of Filters and Tracking Functionality

– Overlay Filters – ex: Money and Confetti falling over the crowd

– Improved Stage Lighting