Our Story

Gamers and Game Lovers...

I love our team. It is the highlight of my professional life to go to work every day with people that I both like and admire. We have experts in interactive media, software development, product design, advertising, finance, marketing, gaming regulations, psychology, games both video and tabletop, pop culture, cheese boards, startups, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It’s fantastic. 

We also have incredible products. Versus has built a platform that lets content creators of all types put real-world prizes and rewards inside their content. Our patented choice-based, earned-rewards system is better for brands, for content companies, broadcasters, streamers, app developers, and audiences. People love the game within the game. People love winning. 

Come join us. We’re building the next phase of interactive media. We’re rewarding your actions. We’re putting global businesses and local entrepreneurs in front of new, engaged audiences. And we’re making games, apps, shows, streams, and live events more fun. 

Come play the game within the game. Join Us.

Matthew Pierce 
Founder, CEO

Our Values

We can’t do anything alone – and nothing we do matters if it doesn’t help people beyond ourselves. At Versus we work together to build solutions and solve problems. We spend a lot of time listening. We ask our partners, our users, our investors, and our audiences about how they act, what they do, what they want, and what they need. We work together with all of our stakeholders to make things better.

Ask questions. Listen. Learn. Try new things. Keep improving. The search for a better answer is part of our daily work – and it drives better insights and better solutions. We are constantly exploring our wealth of data, insights, and opinions to identify opportunities to improve. We fail. We get better.

We actively seek out smart, thoughtful, creative, collaborative problem solvers as our teammates and partners. We have seen, time and time again, how the wide range of backgrounds and perspectives that we have on our team results in better ideas, better executions, better solutions. These unique points of view, backgrounds, and interests create the fabric of our Versus community.

We are people before we are employees and so are our partners and our end-users. We work diligently to listen to each other – up, down, across the organization and externally. If there is a problem, we ask for help. If someone asks for help, we give it. And we seek to understand the perspectives and incentives and goals of all the participants before we act. So that when we act, people know they are heard, and valued. Empathizing makes our products more effective because it helps us to create solutions that are tailored to the need.

Awards & Accolades