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Live Events Brand Activations Gaming Sports Television More Fun Versus Makes ____________ More Fun Versus Systems helps you create connections with your audience by leveling up your content through
fan engagement and rewards.

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Versus Systems is the World Leader in Audience Engagement

Versus adds interactivity and rewards to games, live events, and streaming media—increasing the time that audiences engage with the content.


Versus adds trivia, games, polling, sentiment, and social elements to second-screen experiences, like apps and mobile web, that enhance sports, concert, streams, and live events.


Audiences can win real-world rewards for their activities inside Versus-enabled content.

Versus Makes People Pay Attention

“If every team doesn’t pick up this product then I don’t know what’s wrong with them.”

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“Since integrating Versus Rewards, we have seen a significant percentage of our daily-active-players engage with and play to win real-world prizes.”

–CTO, Ludare Games Group

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