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Build Fan Interaction with the XEO Engagement Platform

Engage fans with easily customizable experiences using our software’s dynamic tools. With the XEO Platform, you can program mobile engagement for your fans from event start to finish, whether they are in-venue or watching at home.

Mobile, Web and In-App Integration

No need to download or create custom apps. XEO works on mobile web or inside already existing apps.

Simple Customization

Use the powerful control board to customize your own experience. Create custom messaging, look and feel, games and rewards.

Prizing and Rewards

We take care of prizing integration and distribution to ensure all state and federal prizing and sweepstakes compliance

Sponsorship Integrations

Customized sponsorship integrations provide engaging placements for brands and unlock sponsorship leads

Features and Functionality

Easily develop fun and interactive mobile experiences. Schedule audience engagements on a timeline alongside your event, or deploy one of our white-label games or interactions in real-time.

Fully customize all branded elements of your in-game environment. Deploy custom messaging and develop a personalized look and feel.

Users can pick and choose prizes to play for based on their preferences. We’ll take care of the backend integration and digital distribution.

Your XEO experience is served in a personalized instance over mobile-web. No need to download an app, everyone in your venue or at home has instant access to your programming.

XEO Games and Interactions

  • Bingo
  • Turbo Trivia
  • Filter Fan Cam
  • QB Toss
  • Predictive Game Play
  • Scratch and Win
  • Skee Ball
  • Basketball Swish
  • Match Game
  • Pick 6
  • Crowd Polling
  • Shuffle
  • Field Goal Frenzy
  • Free Kick
  • Hockey Shootout
  • Tug of War

Everyone is Invited

Display social interactions for various hashtags and all major social sites on the mainboard and each users’ device.

Real-time scoring and a dynamic leaderboard allows you to create custom competitions among your fans

The XEO chat feature builds community by allowing users to interact with one another during and around events or programming.

Flashpoint coordinates user phones’ flashlights, vibrate features, and screens to sync with canned video, halftime shows, or even broadcast events.

Valuable Insights

Non-invasively reach an opted in audience and collect valuable first party data.

The XEO Action Board reduces raw data to information that can be acted on during your event. Deploy interactions based on fan reactions in real-time and understand event impact.

Serve unique custom experiences to different segments of your audience in-stadium or at home based on user interests, favorite team, and more

Manage push notifications to keep players engaged, share important programming information, and distribute prizing and rewards.

Produce Breakthrough Events

Versus provides customized live event production with skilled producers to create and deploy pump-up videos, player pieces, and other live or programmed content.

Add Monetization SDKs to Any Game or App

Android, iOS, and Unity SDKs are lightweight and integrate challenges and real rewards from popular brands right into your app or game for seamless UX and organic user experience.

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