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Our innovative technology reinvents how you engage with your audience in a more effective way across games, apps, and live events.

Engage your audience like never before with first and second screen interactive gameplay and rewards that elevate fan and community app, live event, broadcast and streaming entertainment experiences.

Players win prizes for playing the games they love.

Level up your game by offering discounts, prizes, and gift cards inside video games and apps for players to win. With Versus, you can easily enhance any game or app and integrate real-world prizes and additional monetization.

We enhance OTT and streaming experiences by adding rewards and prizes for people to win.

Keep your viewers watching longer by offering interactive gameplay and prizes from popular brands they can win just for watching your original content.


Feature your brand inside second-screen games and challenges that fans participate in while they watch a live event. XEO, our intuitive platform, empowers a new era of online audience engagement. Up your game with an even better fan experience.

Enhance Your Mobile App with the Versus SDK

Want to increase player engagement? Offer challenges inside your app for users to win prizes. Integrate the Versus SDK and keep your users coming back.

Versus Systems App for Shopify Stores

Versus Systems now integrates with Shopify. Becomes a beta tester and see how you can grow your business by offering prizes while consumers play their favorite games.

XEO and Sports

“If every team doesn’t pick up this product then I don’t know what’s wrong with them.”


We’ve worked with most of the major league teams in football, baseball, hockey, and basketball delivering experiential fan engagement over several years. Our new XEO platform offers a synchronized second-screen experience on either mobile or laptop devices, providing a new opportunity for sponsor and advertising revenue by supporting the in-stadium and at-home fan experience.

“Since integrating Versus Rewards, we have seen a significant percentage of our daily-active-players engage with and play to win real-world prizes.”

–CTO, Ludare Games Group

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